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Food Defense and Intentional Contamination Prevention

Let our team of experts help you build your Food Defense plan and outline steps to prevent Intentional Contamination of consumable products. We can work with you on developing vulnerability assessments and mitigation plan to keep your food & product supply safe.

3A Sanitary Design

With over 5 years experience in 3A Sanitary Design Standards, our sanitation division will assist with new equipment installation and validation, facility plan review and consulting to insure that your establishment is compliant with all regulatory and 3A standards for years to come.

Food & Product Safety Programs

"Food safety" is more than a catch-phrase. Customers depend on us to ensure our products are safe and wholesome, free of potential contamination.  Let Standard Practices, LLC help your team create a solid foundation based on pre-requisite programs, preventive controls and good manufacturing practices. We offer complete HACCP programs and verification as well as product and supplier risk assessment review.

Supplier Quality

The finished product is only as good as the incoming component. At Standard Practices, LLC we have the resources to review supplier quality, supply chain mitigation and auditing of supply chain compliance.

Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management

What happens when your company faces disaster? Natural disasters, power loss and supply chain shortage can stop a company in their tracks if they are not adequately prepared. Let our team at Standard Practices, LLC build a Disaster Recovery plan for your business that will ensure successful supply chain fulfillment even in the midst of crisis.

Customer Feedback

"The most dynamic partner I know"-Barry Fischetto, COO

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Manufacturing Consulting Services


Our team of experts can assess manufacturing and sanitation processes to recommend process improvements and drive KPI performance.

Cannabis Quality and Product Safety


As Cannabis becomes more of a consumer product, creating solid quality and product safety programs aimed at preventive controls and consumer/customer safety is an increasing priority. Contact us today to see how our services and resources can help your operation stay one-step ahead of the competition and build on food safety focused standards.

Identity Preserved Foods


We have extensive experience with Kosher, Organic, Halal, Non-GMO and other Identity Preserved Foods. Our knowledge and experience includes field, harvest, processing and supply chain verification and auditing for State, Federal and Local requirements.